Unlimited custom illustrations with a twist

Illustrations are everywhere. Every year they become more important for online content. You’ve seen them, spread out across blog posts, in mobile apps, and built into software. But there’s two problems with illustrations.

  1. Much of it looks the same. There are some fantastic illustration libraries for little to no cost. You can use those, but they’re hard to customize, and they often struggle to convey the meaning of what you need.
  2. Hiring a full-time illustrator is costly, and if you go the freelancer route you’ll need to negotiate rates and schedules.

With me you can get as many illustrations as you want, for a flat monthly membership.

How does that work?
  1. Reach out and we’ll set you up with a membership plan, and you can work on as many illustrations as you like.
  2. Get back initial ideas and sketches within a few days days
  3. We’ll work on iterating through the illustration until you’re satisfied
But it’s unlimited?

Yes, with a twist. We’ll work asyncronously. No meetings, and the whole thing is managed in Trello.

You can add as many illustration requests as you’d like to your board, and prioritize them however you’d like. The twist is we’ll work through one illustration at a time, and when it’s done move onto the next one. Some illustrations might take longer if you want something very unique, and others can be quick if we want to stay simpler.

Each design is 100% yours, and 100% unique.

Practically speaking this means a single illustration could be perfect the first time, or we might want to iterate through it. The speed is up to you. We could do a single glorious illustration in a month, or knock out a dozen simple ones.

Who is this for?

This works best if you want illustrations to go along with your web content, or you’re doing a rebrand and want your mobile app, web app, or anything else to have some gorgeous illustrations to go along with it.

Or send me an email: joshua@joshuawold.com

How do I know you’re legit?

Great question! I’ve had the privilege of doing illustrations for a ton of fantastic folks over the years, including XWP.co, Google, WooCommerce, along with helping out a bunch of awesome small businesses. Below are just a few styles that I’ve done: